Organizational criteria

The operation of the system adapts to organizational criteria among which:

  1. Coding Structure for equipment and spare parts as a decomposition tree WBS fully configurable
  2. Ability to maintain vessels with different coding structures (in case of acquisitions, mergers)
  3. Encoding independent supplies well as warehouse codes, or integrated into the overall structure with a single code for supplies and spare parts
  4. two sources of report generation:  user report generator for all user tables and views, and queries custom (crew list, Administration reports, etc.)
  5. Economic organization of orders, demands, maintenance tasks, etc. according to the scheme Ship-> Travel / tide
  6. Inventories of supplies and spare parts controlled by location (premises of the ship, or ground storerooms) and reserve materials for a vessel or preferred destination
  7. Authorizations independent of the supply demands requested by the ship. Traceability demand on ship-> Authorization -> order
  8. Each vessel access and work with their data only (crew, supplies, equipment, diaries, certificates, etc.)
  9. Working on the ground with access to all data
  10. Ability to work either (according to the degree of organization of the company)  with previous Standard Maintenance Plans,  with Maintenance Plans defined expressly for the trip or the period, and with preventive and / or corrective actions linked or not with the main equipment
  11. Parameterization of the equipment and the technical characteristics of its operation periodically to be registered (Journal of Machine)
  12. Parameterizing types of fishing for each vessel for the purpose of recording catches and landings
  13. Default templates to facilitate the work of the technicians in the introduction / modification of data (master list of supplies for a tide/trip, template-type consumption needs of a port entry, master list of tasks and resources for standard maintenance activities, etc.)