Objectives & Services

Main objectives of the implementation of a GESFLOT system:

  • A significant reduction of maintenance costs of vessels, by improvements in the management and reduction of corrective actions on board.
  • A better centralized control of needs, orders, costs and maintenance actions for every ship of the fleeet
  • Helping Inspectors of the fleet in all types of procedures with ships
  • Obtaining and updating inventory on board and its valuation
  • Reduction of time spent in port for all kinds of work, downloads and groundings
  • The company-wide standardization of reports and operating procedures in the Department of Fleet

Implementing GESFLOT is done via a set of support services. These services apply to different ships of the fleet and to ground facilities.  The main services available to customers include:

  1. Identifying organizational needs related to  implantation areas considered (purchases, warehouses, budgetary control, capture, documentation, equipment, etc.)
  2. The definition of performance criteria on ships and ashore for the areas of implementation such as authorizations, maintenance tasks, management of alarms and warnings, data to be recorded in the Journal of machines, staff, etc.
  3. Aid in the complete definition of coding structures used for equipment, spare parts, ammunition, stores, etc.
  4.  The installation and initialization of the database in the main office on the ground and eventually in the ships with a separate database.
  5. Installing programs running GESFLOT System Modules
  6. Training of users.
  7. The GESFLOT Application Maintenance and incorporating improvements
  8. Periodic clearance database, ensuring consistency and uniqueness of encodings, ammunition, spare parts, warehouse stocks, equipment, maintenance tasks, etc. after continued use.
[accordion] [spoiler title=”Adaptations and interfaces in the implementation of GESFLOT solutions” ] sectores_asti Our integrated applications can be easily adapted and customized to the needs of each company. They are designed to allow for adjustments in the conceptual model of the database, in the functionalities provided and in obtaining information for the different users. This facility implies that little change programming are required in the implementation stage. For customers with special requirements or with data integration needs with other management applications (kind ERP) Our software team has several components intercom, or interfaces, vía XML, EXCEL sheets, etc. as inputs to the system, and various output formats to feed other systems[/spoiler]      [/accordion]